Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beautiful Shawls

I'm supposed to be going to bed right now since I have a test tomorrow morning, but I just couldn't resist sharing these two patterns with you.
I was just browsing through some Ravelry patterns and I came across two beautiful shawls, and the best part is that they are free Ravelry downloads (you have to sign up to access the patterns, but if you're a knitter and you don't use Ravelry - well you should sign up right now!)

The first shawl I came across is the Glam Shells shawl:

Isn't it beautiful?

The second shawl is the Alfinchen pattern:

Aren't these just fantastic? Now I just need more time so I can knit them!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some WIPs

Do you remember the 'I Must Be Crazy' afghan I started way back in November? Well I have actually been working on it... sometimes. It's not a project that I have been continuously working on, but I do a couple squares every now and then. Here is a picture of the colors I chose and a (very) small sample of some of my finished squares:

And here's another project for the 'I Must Be Crazy' collection. I was given this yarn in a secret Santa gift exchange at Christmas. It is absolutely beautiful, and I wanted an equally beautiful pattern to go with it. The Regia Lace Shawl (free download!) is stunning, but the lace pattern is just killing me. If you want a challenge, take a look at this pattern! 

These two projects are taking forever to finish, but once they are done it will have been worth it!