Sock Knitting Master Class Challenge

After I got the book Sock Knitting Master Class, I fell in love with every design in it. I challenged myself to knit up all the socks and blog about the experience. Here is a list of all the patterns and my progress:

  1. Asymmetrical Cables
  2. French Market Socks
  3. Almondine
  4. Happy-Go-Lucky Boot Socks
  5. Thigh High Stripes
  6. Rose Ribs
  7. Twisted-Stitch Stockings
  8. Knot Socks
  9. Mock Cables and Lace
  10. Slip-n-Slide
  11. Bulgarian Blooms
  12. Stealth Argyles
  13. Terpander
  14. Half-Stranded Socks
  15. Pussy Willow Stockings
  16. Toe-Up Travelers

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