Sunday, June 29, 2014

Yellow Baby Top

I had this yarn, and I didn't know what to do with it. Then I saw the pattern for this baby top and I thought it would look just so cute! So even though there are no baby girls around for me to give it to right now, I will save it until it is needed.

Yellow Baby Top:
Yarn: Willow Gosling in Lemon Custard
Needle Size: US 5 (3.75mm)
Pattern Source:  Eft by Sarah Jo Burch

Look at the cute button I used! So pretty :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Linen Vest

I made myself a new vest, and I love it! It is the most simple design and easy to knit piece, but still gives great results.  
Yarn: Willow Field in Pebble
Needle Size: US 9 (5.5mm)
Pattern Source: Penny by Elizabeth Smith

I will probably make this vest again, the pattern gives directions to knit with different weights of yarn so it will be easy to match yarns I like with it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pallet Garden

This weekend the boyfriend and I made a pallet garden. We love to grow vegetables but there was no room in the backyard for a garden since it is currently being dug up. The pallet garden seems to be the perfect solution. I don't know how well it will work, but I will keep you updated.
The upper row is tomatoes, the middle is red peppers and the bottom has lettuce.
I used this tutorial to base  the design on.

 And these are two of our friends that have been coming around. We have a lot of chipmunks visiting and the cats love to watch them through the window.

We are going to have to put some chicken wire around the garden before our animal friends find it.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


I finished a pretty mint green shawl that I had meaning to make for a while now. As soon as I saw the pattern for this shawl, I knew I had to make it in a nice mint green colour. I absolutely love the way it turned out!

Pretty Green Shawl:
Yarn: Mythic Yarn's The Epic Wool Silk Blend in Aphrodite was made of Seafoam?
Needle Size: US 6 (4.0mm)
Pattern Source: True Romance Shawl from Mollie Makes issue 37

I wasn't able to do the last two rows of the edge pattern since I was running out of yarn. I ended up finishing with just over 5 grams left, so I am glad I didn't try doing more repeats.

Monday, June 9, 2014

New Stuff

Bought some more sock knitting related stuff this week:

Why yes, I did buy more sock yarn. Snowberry & Lime's Sock Yarn in Faded Lilacs. 

 The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet Vol. I . I had to buy this one from the American Amazon site, since the Canadian one did not have it. It is a beautiful collection of patterns based on botanical illustrations. There are a lot of sock designs that I cannot wait to try out.

The Knitter's Book of Socks is another collection of sock patterns that has all kinds of beautiful designs in it. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

New projects

I started two new projects:

 Pretty Green Shawl - I am using the pattern True Romance Shawl that was in Mollie Makes Issue 37. The yarn is Mythic Yarn's The Epic Wool Silk Blend in Aphrodite was made of Seafoam? 

Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan KAL - These are squares that I work on while at my knitting club. They are easy and fast to make, not too much thinking involved so I can still talk and laugh while making them. The pattern is provided by Rowan, and every week they release a new square pattern. I have started with two colours (Oxygen and Pretty Pink) of  Rowan's Pure Wool Worsted, but I am planning on using more colours as I go along.

Week 1 (2 squares done)
Week 2 (2 squares done)


Week 3 (2 squares done)

Week 6 (1 square done)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mismatched Socks

I bought a skein of sock yarn that had a mismatched concentration of green at one end (this was made clear by the seller - I wanted a unique pair of socks).

Yarn: CrowKnits' Crow's Feet fingering yarn
Needle Size: US 2 (2.75mm)
Pattern Source: Kaiso from Knitted Socks East and West

I had to frog and re-knit the first sock since it was way too small to fit my foot (and I have small feet). So I added a repeat to the foot pattern and casted on 60 stitches instead of 48.
The pattern was really easy to follow and was a fast knit.

I really like that the two socks turned out to have two different colours.