Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Baby Knitting

Knitting items for babies is quite satisfying. They are usually simple patterns, that are quick to finish. I like making baby things when I want to make a quick project that will still be quite useful.
I had posted about a few free patterns here and I had the chance to make two of them:

The Owlie Sleep Sack and Owlie Hat:
Yarn: Mary Maxim Mellowspun Solids
Needle Size: U.S. 9 (5.5mm) circs
Pattern Source: Sleep Sack and Hat are both free patterns

 Close-up of the owl pattern
I really enjoyed knitting both of these pieces, and the sleep sack was perfect for knitting in class. The stockinette stitch was easy to do and I was able to get it finished quickly. 

Monday, December 24, 2012


I have had these socks on my needles since August. I had started them off with the intention of finishing them rather quickly, but then Christmas knitting came around and I haven't had the time to finish them up until now. They are part of my Sock Knitting Master Class Challenge.
Lion Brand Sock-Ease in Brown
Needle Size: Size 1 (2.25mm) DPNs
Pattern Source: Sock Knitting Master Class

I think they turned out beautifully, but I hated doing them. The pattern was well written and easy to follow ... but ... I hate knitting cables, and this pattern involved a LOT of cables.
The next pair of socks that I made have a bit of a story attached to them. In the summer, I asked my sisters what they wanted me to knit them for Christmas, and my youngest sister said she wanted a dog pencil case. I was so proud of myself when I finished that project early and I didn't need to rush to get it done. Then a few weeks before Christmas she told me she would love another pair of socks. Ugh. I did not think I would have time to knit up a pair of socks on top of everything else I had to get done. But it kept bugging me... so 1 week before Christmas I started knitting a pair of socks. I chose a simple pattern (with no cables!) that I thought would knit up quickly. And I managed to knit the socks in 3 days. Unbelievable.
Christmas Miracle Socks:
Yarn:  Lion Brand Sock-Ease in Purple
Needle Size: U.S. size 2 ( 2.75 mm) DPNs
Pattern Source: Solar Flair in Simply Knitting 94, June 2012

I think they turned out great and they only had two repeats for the pattern, so it was easy to memorize. I had a few problems with the pattern, and I have listed them on my Ravelry project page for future reference.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Ornaments

I started my own Christmas tradition last year. I hand-make a pair of ornaments and I keep one for myself and give one to my mom.
This year I found a great cross-stitch chart for a snowflake on Keeping Things Simple. I bought some 3" wood hoops from Michaels and painted them red. I used some twine instead of ribbon to hang them up.
I think they came out so cute. I love both color combinations but I think I like the blue and pink the best!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cute Photos

With Christmas right around the corner, take a second to enjoy some cuteness!



A friend asked me to make her a Christmas present for her to give to her boyfriend. She then showed me the pattern for this:

I had no idea what it was, until she explained that it was her boyfriend's favorite TV show.
It was hard work finding the original pattern for this (she had sent me a photo of a finished project), but I persevered and eventually came across a Tumblr account she's a carnival that had the pattern. My friend wanted the words changed, but other then that, I followed the pattern.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Baby Knits

I love knitting baby things. They are quick to make and just oh so cute!I have just been told that there will be a new baby in my family, so I am just really over-the-top excited. And of course what is the first thing I do when I find out someone is expecting? I go to Ravelry and start favoriting patterns of course.
Here are a few of the patterns I found (all free!).
Owlie Sleep Sack from Comfort Wool.
Owlie Hat from Comfort Wool (to go with the sleep sack of course!)
Baby Iselle's Blankey at Knit 1 LA
Those are some of the great patterns I found after a quick search. I absolutely love Ravelry!
Happy Knitting!

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Quick Knit

Just popping in to show you a fabulous pattern I was able to whip up in a couple of hours. If you are looking for some last minute gifts to make, this has to be the pattern for you.
Flower Headband:
Needle Size: US 7 (4.5mm)
Pattern Source: The Whitney Headband (a free pattern!)
The pattern includes a link to a free pattern for the flower to crochet and attach to the headband. The flower took me a while to figure out, since I don't do much crochet, but it turned out great. I would definitely recommend this pattern.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Knitting

I was able to finish up some more holiday knitting. My sister wanted me to knit her another cowl like I did a couple of  Christmas' ago, but this time she wanted chocolate brown. I found this great pattern, that was an easy knit that I was able to do in class so it got finished really quickly.

 Chocolate Cowl:
Yarn: Red Heart Soft Yarn in chocolate brown (2 skeins)
Needle Size: US 9 (5.5mm) circular needles
Pattern Source: honey cowl (a free Ravelry download!)
I also made a pair of mittens to go with the cowl. The pattern originally made fingerless mitts, but since it is cold up here in Canada, I decided to convert them into mittens to keep the tips of her fingers warm too!
Chocolate Gloves:

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Yarn in chocolate brown (I was able to use the second skein left over from the cowl - but it was cutting it close!)
Needle Size: US 5 (3.75mm) DPNs
Pattern Source: Arm Warmers from Knit Simple Magazine Holiday 2012 (modified to be made into mittens)
I hope my sister loves them as much as I do. They were both fun to make, and fast enough that I didn't have to rush to get them done in time!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Stitchy Projects

I have been sewing a little bit lately, and I was able to make two adorable projects from felt.
This first one is a ninja lip gloss holder. Yeah a ninja! I got the pattern from the Make It Yourself magazine. It had all kinds of great patterns, but this one really is just too cute!

They were easy and fast to make, and I get compliments on mine all the time.
 This second project is actually for a school assignment, I had to make a prop to go along with a book and these finger puppets were just perfect. They go with the book Little Blue Truck (a great board book for toddlers!) and it just looks fabulous. The pattern can be found at see vanessa craft.

I made the four finger puppets and the felt truck. I glued it to a piece of poster board to make it stiffer so it would stand up while I was presenting it to the class.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Cowliday

The Holiday issue of Knit Simple has some great projects in it. The first thing I made was the Happy Cowliday neck warmer by Vicky Howell. I had some yarn in my staff from ages ago (I don't know what it is, I just loved the colors!). I love how it turned out and the colors are great for fall.

Fall Cowl:
Yarn: Unknown worsted from stash
Needle Size: US size 11 (8.00 mm)
Pattern Source: Knit Simple Holiday 2012
I used a pair of circular needles so I wouldn't have a seam, so on all WS rows I knit instead of purl.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mike JR

I hadn't planned on knitting another doggy pencil case. It had been a frustrating experience with the first Mike and I told myself I would not do another one. That is until I asked my sister what she wanted for Christmas, and of course she wanted a dog pencil case. This time it was a more enjoyable project to make since I already knew what was going to be difficult for me (like sewing in the zipper and lining). So I present you with Mike JR:

Mike JR:
Yarn: Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice in Brown (1 skein was more then enough)
Needle Size: U.S. Size 6 (4.00mm)
Pattern Source: Simply Knitting July 2012
I went down a needle size for this pencil case, since the first one was quite large, and I prefer this size better. I am just glad I have finished a Christmas present already, I am on the ball this year!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Completion of the "I Think I Might Be Crazy" Afghan

I-Think-I-Might-Be-Crazy Afghan
I had been working on this afghan for a while when I finally put together the last squares. I started it way bqack in November of 2011 and I had finally finished making all the squares in September. It turned out beautifully but I don't think I would ever do anything like it every again! 265 tiny squares is WAY too many.
I-Think-I-Might-Be-Crazy Afghan:
Yarn: Bernat Super Value Solids in beige, light grey, light purple, purple and teal
Hook Size: J (6.00mm)
This project would be good for someone who wants to work on something over a long period of time. I don't think I would have been able to just work on this project and make 265 squares all at once. I took a lot of breaks while making this. Just remember that once you have made all the squares, you still have to put them all together!

Monday, November 12, 2012



I am finally posting something new to my blog! School has been crazy busy this semester, and even though I have been busy knitting, I can't seem to find time to post my projects!
A friend from school wanted me to knit her an elephant and I found this great free pattern on Ravelry. She was a nice quick knit, and I had not problem making her. She turned out bigger then I thought she would, but she is still a cutie!
Rosie the Elephant:
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Gray (2 skeins)
Needle Size: US Size 4 (3.5mm)
Pattern Source: Flo the Elephant - free pattern from Knitty!
This is a pattern I would recommend! She turned out super cute and my friend loved her.

Rosie from the side

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things I would love to make if I ever had enough time

This post is dedicated to various crafting ideas that I would love to be able to undertake. As I work part-time and go to school, I don't have much leisure time. If I did this is what I would be making:

A Harry Potter inspired embroidery hoop. This one has been beautifully stitched p by The Phantom Moon. I would have to make a whole series of these!

I absolutely love this pillow by Tea Rose Home. My sister happens to love anchors, and I would love to make this for her (there is a tutorial, so I just need to find the time to make it).

This felt hot balloon mobile is just too cute, How Joyful has the tutorial!

A Nintendo Controller pillow. I don't think I need to explain this. It is just awesome. It would be easy to come up with a pattern to make my own, or I could just order one from this Etsy shop!

I only wish I had unlimited amounts of resources and time, I could really do some great things!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The perks of being a cat

I finally completed enough tiny squares to start sewing the "I-Think-I-Might-Be-Crazy" afghan I started way back in November. I have managed to put together a few rows, but it might take me just as long to sew it together as it did to crochet it. 

Of course, my cat just could not resist a big pile of yarn so this is what happened as I was laying out the pieces:

He sure made himself comfortable.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I will be starting up school again in  a couple of weeks, and I wanted to make myself something special to bring with me to the classroom. This knitted pencil-case seemed perfect for me and I thought it was adorable. This was a bonus pattern included in the Simply Knitting July 2012 issue. I had to learn a few new techniques to complete this project. I used interfacing, sewed in a zipper and put in lining, all for the first time! This project turned out to be more time-consuming then I orginally thought, but in the end it turned out great!

Mike - The Doggy Pencil Case:
Yarn: Patons Canadiana in Brown
Needle Size: Size 7 (4.5mm)
Pattern Source: Simply Knitting July 2012

I've also started knitting my 12th pair of socks in my Sock Knitting Master Class Challenge. It is the Terpander pattern, and I am knitting it in Brown. So far they are turning out really nice. 

Happy Knitting

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mr Ziggy

After completing Jason's Ribbed Socks, I had some leftover yarn, and since I love the colors and the look of these socks, what would be better then knitting a sock monkey with it? So now the boyfriend has a monkey friend to match his socks. I decided to call him Mr Ziggy, and I find him absolutely adorable!

Mr Ziggy:
Yarn:  Patons Kroy Socks Ragg Shades in Grey Brown Marl
Needle Size: US Size 3 (3.25mm) DPNs
Pattern Source:  A New Sock Monkey from the book Itty-Bitty Toys

I did not follow the pattern for the hair, and instead made him a mohawk, which seemed more suitable for his personality. This was a great, quick knit, which yielded great results. You can really customize the monkey, and give it some personality.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Another pair of Socks

I found this great yarn at Micheals, and my boyfriend absolutely loved it, but it needed a simple pattern that would not be overwhelmed by the color-changes in the yarn. I found a pattern for a simple pair of Ribbed Socks. I increased the needle size to make them slightly larger so that they would fit a man's foot. It worked great, and the socks look amazing.

Jason's Ribbed Socks:
Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks Ragg Shades in Grey Brown Marl
Needle Size: Size 3 (3.25mm) DPNs
Pattern Source: Knit Simple Magazine, Fall 2010

I think this project turned into a great harmony between pattern and yarn.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sock 11

The next project from my Sock Knitting Master Class Challenge is the Mock Cables and Lace. These were a simple top-down design with lace. I enjoyed knitting them, and the pattern turned out beautifully. I made these large enough for my boyfriend to wear and they fit him perfectly. 

For the Boyfriend:
Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks FX in Copper Colors
Needle Size: Size 2 (2.75mm) DPNs

 A close-up of the lace pattern

I really enjoyed knitting these socks, I would recommend this pattern to anyone who wants a simple pattern that creates beautiful results.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finished Sock # 10!

This latest sock in my Sock Knitting Master Class Challenge was fun to knit. I learned how to shadow knit (which I had never done before) and it was cool to see the pattern emerge. As this was my fourth pair of toe-up socks, I was proud of myself when I was able to do the Turkish/Eastern method for casting on without trouble. I still prefer top-down construction when knitting socks, but it's nice to know that I am able to do both! The decrease bind-off was also new to me, but was easy-peasy to learn and is very elastic. 

 I didn't get a good shot of the argyle pattern...

 A close-up

Stealth Argyles Socks:
Yarn: Red Heart Stardust in Grey and Purple (1 ball of each)
Needle Size: Size 2 (2.75mm) DPNs

 I switched the colors around for the second sock. Mostly, this was because I did not want to buy an extra ball of yarn, but also, I thought it would give the socks a funky look that I like.
All-in-all this was a great pattern, that was interesting to knit and the finish product looks great.