Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finished Sock # 10!

This latest sock in my Sock Knitting Master Class Challenge was fun to knit. I learned how to shadow knit (which I had never done before) and it was cool to see the pattern emerge. As this was my fourth pair of toe-up socks, I was proud of myself when I was able to do the Turkish/Eastern method for casting on without trouble. I still prefer top-down construction when knitting socks, but it's nice to know that I am able to do both! The decrease bind-off was also new to me, but was easy-peasy to learn and is very elastic. 

 I didn't get a good shot of the argyle pattern...

 A close-up

Stealth Argyles Socks:
Yarn: Red Heart Stardust in Grey and Purple (1 ball of each)
Needle Size: Size 2 (2.75mm) DPNs

 I switched the colors around for the second sock. Mostly, this was because I did not want to buy an extra ball of yarn, but also, I thought it would give the socks a funky look that I like.
All-in-all this was a great pattern, that was interesting to knit and the finish product looks great.

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  1. Those socks look so comfy and great! I love seeing all of these socks!