Sunday, August 8, 2010

Because I wasn't busy enough....

I got a sewing machine for my birthday! YAY! Something new to challenge myself with and another creative outlet for all my pent up energy.

I wanted to start this new endeavor with something simple and easy and these frayed edge bibs were perfect! They were so perfect that I made 4 of them! The tutorial is perfect for beginners and it was a great first project.

I wanted to take on a bit more of a challenge next so I moved on to making a stuffed toy. The RevoluzZzionary Monster tutorial was fantastic. I loved the results so much that I made 2 of them.

Next came the Twenty Minute Tote. Great fabric and a fantastic tutorial.

While doing all this sewing I came to appreciate the need for a pincushion. I found the perfect one with the Cute as a Button Flower Tutorial. Looks great and does a fantastic job of keeping my needles right where I need them.

My last project that I'll share with you today is the stuffed owls from the Holiday Crafts magazine. They look so cute and they were really easy and quick to make.

With my experience of learning how to knit is to find some good tutorials and follow them. There are some great ones out there and they are the best way to teach yourself.

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