Monday, June 11, 2012


The boyfriend wanted me to knit him a pillow with a bullseye on it. He wants to use it as a target for his BB gun, so that the little beads get stuck inside the pillow instead of falling on the ground. I will never understand guys... I just don't see the fun of shooting a BB gun, but he enjoys it so I made him this pillow:

 The front side is knit

The backside is made from felt

Yarn: Various worsted weight yarns in grey, white, red and blue
Needle Size: Size 7 (4.5mm) needles
Pattern Source: Circle Pillows from Knitting Today! (now known as Your Knitting Life)

I added the extra blue circle in the middle to make this pattern into a bullesye. I did not use a pillow form for it, I stuffed it with poly-fill so that the beads would get stuck in it. It works great and it was an easy knit that I enjoyed making.

Happy Knitting!

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