Sunday, May 9, 2010

Introducing you to Mrs Pink!

I've been busy knitting these past few weeks and trying to finish up a few projects that I had lying around. The first one is a teddy bear that I was working on a few weeks ago but never got around to finishing up. It was my first time doing a stuffed animal so I'm very happy with the result even if it's not perfect! I got the pattern from the book Itty-Bitty Toys.

I also did a pair of baby booties in mint green for the new baby that will be with us soon. I absolutely love how they turned out!! The pattern is from the Patons website and can be found here.

My latest project is dishcloths. I've been knitting them to sell. I'm making packets of 3, with all different designs for each one. I only have to knit 6 more dishcloths and I'm finally done (I will have made 11 packets total, with 3 dishcloths in each!). Hopefully that will be done tomorrow night so I can move on to better things! I will be posting pictures when I finally get them all done!

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