Thursday, October 3, 2013


I finished making the blanket I was knitting for my aunt about a week ago but I couldn't bring myself to do a post about it since I felt really discouraged about it. Here's what happened: I had finished knitting it and it was looking awesome, but I wanted to make sure all the stitches would show nicely and the blanket would sit well. I decided to steam the blanket to kill the acrylic (as had worked beautifully in the past), but unfortunately, this time it didn't it didn't turn out so good. I made a big mistake while steaming it: I didn't follow the direction of the pattern, I just went in a straight line. This turned the squares all wonky on one side (I saw that I had made a mistake on the first half, so the second half of the blanket turned out great). To top it off, there was drops of hot water that fell from the nozzle of the steamer right onto the blanket causing the acrylic to get over-killed and creating holes. Seen from one side the blanket does not look so bad, but I won't be giving it as a gift, I will keep this one for myself and work on something else to give to my aunt.
The 'good' side of the afghan.
Yarn: Mary Maxim Starlette in Soft Taupe
Needle Size: US size 9 (5.5mm)
Pattern Source: Knitted Black Afghan from Knit Simple Fall 2013
The pattern was excellent, and all the different stitches really kept me interested in making it. The different squares were easy and small enough that I was able to carry this project with me. I will chalk this one up to a learning experience and move on to my next afghan project.

You can see the holes created by the drops of water in the center of this photo.

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