Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A New Bracelet

I saw this really cute tutorial over on Crochet Clouds for Anthropology inspired bracelets. I love the idea of wearing knitted jewelry, but I am not into big statement pieces, so I modified the pattern for a smaller piece:

Instead of knitting the piece flat, I casted on 4 stitches and made an i-cord until I reached the desired length (I kept measuring it against my wrist until I liked the way it looked!). I used two different colors to give it some visual interest. Then I just threaded an old necklace chain through both ends to connect them and added a little heart charm I found in my jewelery box, and there you have it: a cute and stylish bracelet, that didn't cost me anything!

Here is Anthropology's version (it will set you back $158!):

And here is my version:

Isn't it just darling? I'm probably going to have to make a second one to go along with it, I just love it so much!

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