Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Square 3 complete!

I have continued to make progress on the KAL I joined way back in August. I have now managed to complete the square for October! YAY! I know I am still behind but I am slowly catching up and I have even started on November's square. I love not being in school. I can actually knit!

I have not blocked it yet, I want to do all the squares at the same time so they all come out the same size - but you get the idea.

Boyfriend Blanket - Square #3 (October):

Yarn: Unknown worsted weight, blue yarn
Needle Size: Size 7
Pattern Source: Ravelry 

This pattern was far from perfect. There are plenty of mistakes in the chart and I had to rip back twice to figure them out (and it's still not done right - the bottom of the square is not done correctly, but I couldn't bear to rip back one more time). I would not recommend this pattern to anyone. I pretty much had to figure out the pattern for myself after looking at other people's finished squares. The knit/purl directions were wrong, the cable directions were reversed, and the seed stitch directions were wrong. I enjoyed knitting it once I had figured out how to do it, but it was really frustrating to begin with. If this had been the first chart back in August, I never would have attempted to complete the KAL. Though it was worth it in the end, it came out great and I love how it looks. 

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