Monday, June 17, 2013

New Stuff

I have had sock knitting on my mind this past week. My knitting habits seem to come and go in waves, and sock knitting seems to be a recurring one every few months.
After visiting my LYS for one ball of sock yarn, I of course came out with four (there was a sale and I have no willpower when it comes to pretty sock yarn):
1. Sockittome Impulse by Estelle Yarns
2. On Your Toes Bamboo by S.R. Kertzer (discontinued)
3. On Your Toes with Aloe Vera by S.R. Kertzer (discontinued)
4. My First Regia by Regia
I also ordered two books from Amazon that I am anxiously waiting for in the mail:
 Sock Innovation by cookie a
I am really excited about getting some projects done, and in the meantime I am continuing to work on my White Cowl, which I should be done today.
Happy knitting!

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