Thursday, January 5, 2012

Warning Symbols Matching Card Game

For another activity for my first semester in my Early Childhood Education program, I had to make a safety activity that could be used with children. I had to make it myself, not use any store bought activities. So I made a matching card game out of fabric using warning symbols that are found on common household items (corrosive, flammable, explosive, poison). The idea is that the children will learn to identify the warning symbols and know what they mean.

I printed each symbols onto transfer paper and ironed them onto a piece of white felt. Then I used the tutorial on Stash of Pixels to make the cards out of them. I used some orange polka dot fabric for the back side of them, so they all look the same. This means that for older children it can turn into a memory card game.

They turned out even better then I expected. They are really sturdy, washable and reusable. Just perfect!

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  1. This is very creative and cute, your projects are all turning out so cute.