Friday, July 29, 2011


I love putting my photos up on Flickr. It's just a great way to sort and share your photos, as well as look at photos from other people. I always put up the photos of my finished projects on my Lazy Daisy Knits account. I also love browsing through different groups, especially The Subversive Cross Stitch Group, some of these projects make me laugh out loud! Crazy for Knitting is another group I look through for inspiration and some awesome ideas, I just can't believe how creative people are! If you want to see some darn cute and interesting knitted stuffed toys, go on over to Mochimochi Friends.
Those are just some of the really great groups that are out there for you to discover. I find that the best way to start on Flickr is just to search something you are interested in, you will probably find a lot of other people who have already posted pictures of it!

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