Friday, July 15, 2011

Lookie at what I found!

I always love it when I find a website that inspires me to create things. Add in the fact that these are Dollarstore items, and we have got a real winner! Dollar Store Crafts is a great blog to just look through and find all kinds of amazing projects, I spent about an hour yesterday going through the site and here are some of my favorite projects.
 This doily-covered soap project looks so great. They say to use store-bought doilies, but I would probably make my own!

 My mind was blown when I read what this was made out of - toilet paper tubes! This faux wrought iron wall art just looks so good and would be so simple to make.

I have noticed a new fad springing up all over the net, friendship bracelets seem to be getting really popular and this friendship bracelet loom is an easy way to get in on the fun!

I am always loosing my stitch markers. I don't know where they all go but I am now using paper clips to keep my spot when I'm knitting. I can quickly make up a bunch of these cute little stitch markers so even if I lose some, they can be quickly be replaced!

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