Saturday, August 31, 2013

Second Hat

I love finishing Christmas presents in August. It gives me a sense of relief and I feel like I am actually on the ball.
I finished knitting the second hat for my grandfather. The first being a moss stitch pattern, I wanted to do something different for the second one.
Grandpa's Hat the Second:
Yarn: Loops and Thread Impeccable Solids in soft taupe
Needle Size: US 7 (4.5mm)
Pattern Source: Barley by Tincanknits (free Ravelry download)
The pattern is great for beginners as it explains all the steps to making a hat very clearly. It can be made in all different sizes from baby to adult, so it is a very versatile pattern. Though I loved the pattern, the yarn I found difficult to like. It is very stiff and feels rough. It is good for a winter hat, but I wouldn't use it for anything else. On top of that, I had a severe amount of yarn vomit when I tried knitting from the center, I spent more time undoing knots in the yarn than knitting.
I recommend the pattern, but not the yarn!

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