Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Another Sock Innovation sock? Have I gone completely sock crazy? Yes, yes I have. When I get into sock knitting, I can't seem to stop myself. It also helps that I have bought some gorgeous sock yarn lately (as seen here and here). So here is the sixth sock from the book:
Needle Size: US size 1 1/2 (2.5mm) 9" circular needles
Pattern Source: Devon from Sock Innovation

These were great fun to knit, though the pattern was simple and easy to follow, it kept me interested through both socks. The yarn is very splitty and at times hard to work with (especially when doing decreases) but I love the colors and the feel of it. I think it worked really well for these socks.
I am working on some other non-sock projects right now that I hope to bring to you soon. In the meantime,
Happy Knitting!

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