Saturday, May 7, 2011

I've been on a sort of a blogging hiatus for a bit (well, more then just a bit...) I was finishing up with school and taking a break, but now I have decided that I would like to keep up a more regular blogging schedule.

For my first post back I wanted to start by sharing some pictures of the beginning of an afghan that I am working on. The pattern is from the 'Knitting Today' magazine. In each issue they give the instructions for 4 squares, until you have all 20 patterns that will make up the finished blanket. I have finished the first 4 sets of squares and I am anxiously waiting the next issue (out next week) to finish up this beautiful blanket.
I used the recommended yarn, Full o' Sheep from the Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller collection. The colours are Little Lamb, Aquamarine, Passionfruit and Black Sheep. I am in love with this yarn, the colours are so rich and bright!

I have been having a great time making this project. Usually with a big piece I have a hard time motivating myself to finish it, but with this one, there is enough time between each batch that my attention is re-captured every time I get the new magazine.

I would definitely recommend this afghan pattern to everyone, and it is especially great for beginners who want to learn new techniques (I've done lace, cables, different colours and slipped stitches so far!). It has even made me more confident in my knitting. If you are interested in starting this blanket, you can get the first 4 squares (the lace) on their website here.

Happy Knitting!

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