Friday, August 19, 2011

Conceptual Knitting

I love the idea of knitting the weather. The Sky Scarf project over on Leafcutter Designs puts a spin on your boring old scarf. By looking outside and knitting two rows in a colorway that matches the sky everyday for a year, you will have a finishing project that reflects the weather changes day to day.
This put me to thinking, what if I was to do this, but instead of looking at the weather, I would knit my mood? While I am knitting my two rows, I would reflect on why I am feeling the way I am. This would enable me to realize what is affecting my life in a positive or a negative way, and what I could do to change this.
This is something I will be thinking about, and I will try to figure out which yarn I want to use from my stash (I'm trying really hard not to buy any more yarn!!) and how I would set it up!
In the meantime, Happy Knitting!


  1. Ever since I read about this on your blog it is all I can think about knitting! It is such a cute idea, if you start it make sure to post tons of pictures!

  2. I started making it a week ago, and I want to knit a few inches before I take pics... I will be posting about it!!

  3. I can't wait to see it!! May I ask what type of yarn you ended up choosing? I really want to do this but am having a hard time deciding.

  4. I will be posting all the details of this project coming up in a post soon (probably later on this week or on the weekend!) Thank you for your interest!!!