Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inner Driver Key Chain

Me and my boyfriend bought ourselves a Mazda 2 a few months ago. I love the car, it is a lovely lime green color and it's just amazing to drive. You have probably seen the commercials for it, it's the one with the little green alien guy (they call him Inner Driver). I wanted to make myself a key chain for my key, but it had to have the Inner Driver logo on it to match the car (I'm weird like that). So this weekend I managed to put together a little 'pillow' key chain for myself. I knew it had to be big enough so that I could easily find it at the bottom of my purse and this came out the perfect size. Sometimes things just work out the way you plan, this was one of those cases! 

The back view of the key chain is a simple key image that I found on Flickr. 

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